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The Angel is the most excellent of all creatures because among all creatures he bears the greatest resemblance to his Creator.  - Thomas Aquinas


Here you will find a work on the most noble of subjects, a must read for every scholar and theologian, as well as those curious about the existence of Angels.

What is an Angel?  In the course of answering that particular question, we will cover virtually every available piece of research on the subject, delving far further afield than the Old and New Testaments.  Our studies will extend to Islam and the the religions of the Near Far East (including Zoroastrianism) as well as diverse latter-day churches of modern Christianity.



Have you ever been to an event wherein many spectators were present and in the course of the occasion, you just happened to notice a face in the crowd that, for an instant, happened to glue your gaze to his?  Generally a good-looking, sometimes striking young man, his gaze was fixed on you.  In that "instant of eternity" the encounter was slightly unsettling.  Later, maybe only minutes later, you returned our gaze to that entity...only to find him gone, vanished.

What was that encounter?  Who was he?  Or was it your imagination?  I must be seeing things you chided yourself.  But reassuringly, you knew he had been there.

Events similar to this are legion throughout the world.  Stories occur and reoccur in the retelling of these strange encounters.  What was its purpose?

History from its beginning abounds with other nonearthly entities: angels, arch angels, guardian angels, fallen angels, dark angels, devil's angels, demons, ogres, pixies, leprechauns, sirens, genies, witches, ghosts, spirits, aliens, martians, ad infinitum.  Is this colossal hoax now in its six thousandth year? Or is there something to these stories.

It is very difficult for any author, researcher or fact finder to ferret out the truth about this subject.  Whatever the resultant production, it will be controversial, suspect, and so forth.  Yet surely in this great, technological age where facts and truths are being spewed forth in a deluge, we cannot remain in ignorance concerning celestial beings.  The who, what and why should be answered, as far as it is possible to answer.  This far the world has not fully been exposed to the story of these beings.  We cannot dally any longer, the events of history are rushing to a colossal climax.  Because Angels are among us, it is time to tell the story.